This is what you’ll get

Hi. My name’s Darren. I like anime, I enjoy stories, I have a penchant for capricious musings, and I occasionally like writing if the stuff coming out of my brain isn’t complete rubbish.

Some months ago I attempted to resurrect this blog for the second time, and needless to say, it didn’t work. I even made a deal with myself — I wouldn’t get into the summer/winter anime season until I wrote down my thoughts on the anime I had enjoyed the previous season. So I languished in my cesspool of excuses and self-doubt for several months until I finally made a resolution (a New Year’s resolution, because I’m basic like that) to actually commit to writing regularly again.

Even this took twenty days into the New Year to see the light of day. Whoa, I’m really setting myself up for success, aren’t I?

Back in the days of Blogger and Xanga, I was one of those avid diary bloggers, where I would ramble vaguely on the vicissitudes of school and friends and life. I would also do tags and lists — remember when tagging your friends to make lists about themselves was a thing? Remember when the “20 things you might not know about me” tag was a thing on Instagram? Yes, I am thankful that trend didn’t catch on.

My point is that I will be talking about things that won’t be about me and my personal life and feelings, but more about the stuff that interests me. I’ve consumed a lot of stories from books and anime, and I’m also a human with actual human experience. So I think it will be good for my mental well-being to practice creating something intelligible from my puddle of thoughts and occasional interesting idea.

So my plan is to post weekly impressions on shows that have piqued my interest this anime season (indeed I am aware that I am already several weeks late into the season), and choose one show to write weekly reviews/reflections about. The other goal is to write an essay of some sort every other week, which may or may not be anime-related. If this sort of thing interests you, do drop the occasional civil comment to stimulate discussion, which is my other purpose for this whole blogging thing.

So peace out, ya’ll. I’ll be back tomorrow with a post with actual content!


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